Member Benefits

Belonging to the association creates an amplified voice to advocate for industry needs. NCFCA keeps members informed on current and future labor and regulatory compliance important information as it becomes available. The association provides a variety of networking opportunities to build relationships and create opportunities. We keep members informed on important information impacting our trade and businesses.

NCFCA members directly participate in negotiating the collective bargaining agreements affecting the flooring contractor performing work in Northern California. We have found that collectively we have far more negotiating power, knowing that much of our success can be attributed to the active participation of our members.

Labor Relations
The NCFCA and the Carpenters Union have established the Carpenters Work Preservation Committee, (previously known as the Labor-Management Residential Committee) in an effort to maintain competitive labor costs and to preserve work opportunities for the Union Contractor. In addition, the NCFCA assists in resolving labor disputes and provides representation in grievance/arbitration proceedings. Also, the NCFCA provides current labor related information, including wage and fringe benefit rates and other important Union issues.

The NCFCA has partnered up with organizations that provide resources to enhance professional development in the areas of business acumen or self-development.


The NCFCA's meetings and luncheons are an excellent opportunity for members to discuss industry information, challenges and successes with fellow industry executives.

Legislation Representation
The NCFCA aligns itself with leading organizations that solely represent the subcontractor interest in legislative and regulatory matters affecting the construction industry.